Day of Prayer and Fasting 2

Wednesday March 1 beginning at 8am is the next day of Prayer and Fasting.

Let’s be a voice for those who do not have a voice. A witness standing strong for those who need us. let’s show mercy, do justice and show our love for everyone.

We need also to consider how we can bring healing to a divide and broken Church here in our country.

It will be a long journey and struggle and we are needed by so many. Join in a Day of Prayer and Fasting on the first day of each month. Consider in what ways you can practice as your to those who have no voice, who need someone to stand with them against injustice and to be a witness for what is good, just and loving.

I am leading an all day event here in Muncie, IN at Grace Episcopal Church. I’m working on having the event go live stream on Facebook. We are planning readings, music and two Ash Wednesday services. Also we are planning conversations with folks about prayer, fasting, the practice of Sabbath and current social justice concerns. These interviews and conversations will be posted on Facebook. More information will be coming about this in a few days.

Please share this information with others.

Peace and all good,
Markie Oliver, OEF

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