New Year’s Greetings!

On this Eighth day of Christmas and the beginning of a new calendar year (with apologies to our down under siblings for whom New Year’s day is now old hat), the Order of Ecumenical Franciscans would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a Blessed Epiphany. There are so many wonderful things to look forward to in 2017 so we thought we might list them here:

  • Franciscan Life Roundtable– this phone conference/webinar runs every other month and is a free opportunity to speak directly with a member of the Formation Team and with other professed members of the order. This experience is especially designed for seekers and inquirers to learn more about OEF and to further their process of discernment.
  • Another Year of Fiddlesticks- Lovingly edited by Sr. Chris Petersen, this quarterly newsletter is a trove of news, member’s writings, and thought provoking reflections. If you want to receive this publication, simply enter your contact information here.
  • The 2017 Chapter/Convocation Meeting- Hosted this year by the Cenacle Center in Chicago, IL from June 22nd to June 25th. Save the dates now and watch this site for registration information early this Spring.
  • Regional Fellowship Gatherings- There are several local gatherings that happen around North America and in New Zealand. Watch this site for announcements. News about the gatherings will be posted here and in Fiddlesticks.
  • Mission Giving- Giving to the Order helps support: our Council and their ministry to the members, the Formation Team and the work of developing vocations with our candidates, the Franciscan Action Network, the Joint Committee on Franciscan Unity (strengthening the bond between Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran and Ecumenical Franciscans), and mini-grants to help members attend Chapter and to support their local ministry. You can make a tax-deductible donation to support the work of the Order here.
  • Dozens of Incredible Ministries- The Brothers and Sisters of OEF teach all ages, conserve natural resources, lead urban missions, protect the landscape, study the environment, care for the sick and the elderly, uplift congregations with music, engage with people suffering from homelessness, poverty, mental illness and addiction, lead neo-monastic houses, care for preschoolers, proclaim the Gospel, contemplate sacred mysteries, pray for the life of the world, serve congregations as pastors and deacons. Whether members are single or married, parents, grandparents or non-parents, their homes are reshaped by the principles of Franciscan life and the work of the Holy Spirit rebuilding the church through each of them.
  • Relationships of Support and Accountability- Professed members connect throughout the year to offer prayer, encouragement and even challenge as they share their experience of living under their rule with one another.
  • Life-Changing Prayer- Whether it is in the daily office, times of meditation, times of contemplation or in the midst of daily work, members of the Order are praying for the Church, the World, each other and countless other intercessions and thanksgivings. You can ask for prayer from the Order either using our forums or by visiting us on Facebook.

Blessings to you and your families for 2017!

About John Michael

Pastor, teacher, husband, dog walker, gardener, petrocollapse agitator, contemplative, hiker. Currently serving as a Formation Coordinator for OEF and Dean of VT/NY conference of Lutheran Synod.

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