A Statement on DACA

The following statement was prepared by the OEF Servant Council:

Jesus said, “Love one another as I have loved you.” This is not optional for us. As followers of Jesus, we in the Order of Ecumenical Franciscans must say “No” to ending DACA. Our values based on the Gospels leads us in welcoming all people. Ending DACA is cruel, mean spirited and unchristian. We must stand with those who are most impacted by this horrible decision . We are called to stand for justice in love to affirm the inherent worth and dignity of all people. And were we not taught that keeping our promise, our word, is a reflection of who we are. So, who are we? As Franciscans we are called to be a friend to all people, loving and protecting each and everyone has we each can.

About John Michael

Pastor, teacher, husband, dog walker, gardener, petrocollapse agitator, contemplative, hiker. Currently serving as a Formation Coordinator for OEF and Dean of VT/NY conference of Lutheran Synod.

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