Brother Rat’s April Report

3FBBI let Helen share my rule and rule reports with her good friend from the TSSF and I got my very own email in reply. Oh such excitement!

Dear Brother Rat,

I should be shocked at your Rule, but have to admit that I see some rather startling similarities to the true state of my own heart.  However I manage the subterfuge really well, so no one guesses.

I wish you a wonderful trip overseas.  Keep an eye on Helen.

With a loud squeak


This subterfuge thing sounds really good. Maybe I could try it and get myself noviced or even professed. But what is subterfuge? What does it mean? How does it work? Does bribing or kidnapping judges count as subterfuge? I asked Helen and she said, “Just go and look it up in the dictionary.” But what is a dictionary?

Never mind, next month I will be finding an American closet to hibernate in. It needs to be warm, dark, dry, quiet and full of subterfuge.

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Pastor, teacher, husband, dog walker, gardener, petrocollapse agitator, contemplative, hiker. Currently serving as a Formation Coordinator for OEF and Dean of VT/NY conference of Lutheran Synod.

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