August Rule Report for Brother Rat


August 2015

This month I was dragged off to the small rural town of Carterton to help Helen look after three grandsons and the cat for a whole week while their parents were at Salvation Army Officers’ Fellowship. Living in community with three boys aged between seven and eleven isn’t my idea of fun; they actually dared to give me hugs! Staying next door to a Salvation Army Church added even more insult. It was almost too much for my tender nature to bear. The final straw was that the cat, Daisy, actually dared to knock me over – ME – the most fearsome looking member of the OEF!

That does it! Next year I will insist on going home with someone who can provide a nice dark closet where I can hibernate all year and won’t have to do community.

Brother Rat

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Pastor, teacher, husband, dog walker, gardener, petrocollapse agitator, contemplative, hiker. Currently serving as a Formation Coordinator for OEF and Dean of VT/NY conference of Lutheran Synod.

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