The Journey is Always Unfolding

A Novice reflection by Br. Greg Williams, n/OEF who is seeking to make life vows this summer.

So what have I learned? What am I going forward with, as I move towards Profession within the Order of Ecumenical Franciscans? Moving into a new Spiritual realm is never an ending, except if one is being called home…. Not an adventure, one usually gets to talk about.

Not having to jump thru the hoops of mandated chapter readings is a nice pause. I am looking forward to reading “Eager To Love” by Richard Rohr, “The Alternative Way Of Francis of Assisi.” What I learned is that walking with the Spirit, is going to be a journey that will as usual provide interesting treasure on the path. one of the things I’ve accomplished is a reflective reading of the OEF By-Laws and Statues.

“Our calling is to celebrate God’s presence and grace in everything. [We are called to follow], the poor Christ of the Gospel in mutual care and accountability. We reach out into our community realm, and are called into expanding circles of “In-reach.” That is what Jesus taught Both Francis and Clare to “In-reach!” Touching the community at its center, and making a difference. Then I am called to do it again elsewhere. Within Quakerism that reaching in will prove interesting, as I link with other Friends who are exploring engagement with other Christian related Orders, most prominently Bendictine Monks. Although because of Francis on the Franciscan side and Mary Fisher on the Quaker side there are links to Islam that need to be explored.

Finally a challenge I do have to work at resisting, is feeling I have arrived in a secure spiritual place. I am always on journey, and look forward to its continuation within the Order of Ecumenical Franciscans.

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