From Co-Minister Shoshanah Kay

Greetings All,
Peace and Good.
The Servant Team met this past week in Pittsburgh.  John Michael has sent minutes from this meeting.  Let me offer a bit more context in which to hold these minutes.
Any shuffle in the mix of people creates new dynamics and makes for a new team.  With the addition of Juniper and I as Co-ministers, we have a new shuffle and a new mix.  Juniper and I are finding our way as Co-ministers.  All of us are finding our way as a Servant Team.  We ask your patience and prayers.
We found it immensely helpful to be given the space and time to be physically present with one another.  We leave this meeting more aware of the gifts each member brings and of the value and complexity of each servant role.  We leave this meeting strongly aware of the need to work together for the good of the Order.  In our short time together, we covered much ground.  We needed more time.  We worked hard and fast with the time we were given.
We gave our attention to the following topics:
* Possible locations for 2016 Chapter
* Coordination of airport/train/bus transportation for 2015 Chapter
* Becoming familiar with new Website and features provided by Wild Apricot
* Exploring ways to improve our bookkeeping
* Affirming the need to share the financial burden of attending Chapter
* Addressing known and potentially divisive areas of discord
* Establishing a basic outline for 2015 Chapter/Convocation
* Consideration of Presentation of proposed Statutes Revision (the focus of this year’s Chapter) and providing an experiential component to explore the same.
For the experiential component, our thought is to use a real issue to be used as a learning tool for group discernment.  Ideally, one that can be discussed fairly quickly yet also carries a good bit of passion.  Discernment of the Servant Team’s recommendation on alcohol use screams out as a likely candidate for this.  The Servant Team has made a recommendation re. alcohol use. The ultimate decision rests with the membership gathered.
* Identify possible worship leaders, reflecting the ecumenical diversity of the Order.
* Devote particular attention to the Saturday Evening Worship / Service of Profession and Renewal of Vows / Rites of Passage.
This worship experience is the center of our communal experience.  How can we ensure that it be deeply ecumenical, profoundly incarnational, and that it emphasize what we truly hold in common?
* Explore ways of supporting one another as Franciscan Christians.
Group discernment regarding mission is one thought to support this.
The minutes you have received reflect our thinking at the close of this meeting.  They are not chiseled in stone.  Our reflection continues.  Our prayer and discernment continues.  Your comments/questions/suggestions may lead us to explore new options.  We will continue to meet monthly by telephone conference. We welcome your participation and ask your prayers.
In Christ’s Love for Each and All,  Shoshanah, OEF, Co-Minister

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Pastor, teacher, husband, dog walker, gardener, petrocollapse agitator, contemplative, hiker. Currently serving as a Formation Coordinator for OEF and Dean of VT/NY conference of Lutheran Synod.

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